Best Bass Lures For Fishing Around Docks

Docks are the perfect place for bass to spend their time. They provide shade from the sun and structure to hide behind.

The docks also typically have algae growing on them which brings in the bait fish. And where there’s baitfish, there’s bass.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best bass lures for fishing around the docks.

Buying Guide: The Best Bass Lures For Fishing Around Docks

Surprisingly you can catch quite a lot of bass just kicking around in your boat nearby the docks. You just need to make sure you have the right lures that are up for the job.

Weedless Lures

The water around the docks is typically very grassy and full of vegetation, so your lure needs to be able to resist getting tangled up in all of the brushes.

Not every type of lure can withstand these types of water. There are 3 styles in particular that can help you catch bass without getting caught up in the grass.

Before you get ready to go fishing you should know a bit about them. This guide can help you make the best choice for picking out bait. Never get stuck again with these three lure choices:


Jigs are great for attracting bigger bass to bite down. Even beginners can have a lot of luck with jigs. They are the best style of bait to use year-round for catching bass.

These lures are great for flipping and swimming to give off a realistic look to the fish. The hook is hidden by a little skirt so the bass won’t suspect a thing.

They are a strong lure with a weedless design, making them the perfect choice for fishing in grassy areas without getting stuck.


A buzzbait is a larger fishing lure designed specifically for catching big bass. These lures have small blades, which spin in the water. The particular style of lure is a favorite among many anglers for luring bass out of heavily covered areas.

This style of lure makes it easier to catch more bass because they are able to see, hear, and feel it. This lure creates a vibration to look like it’s really swimming underwater.

A lot of pro-fishermen love to use buzzbaits as their weekend fishing lures. Here are some tips that they recommend for using buzzbaits successfully:

  1. Experiment with different speeds.
  2. Go fishing after sunset. Bigger bass bite at night.
  3. In late spring and early fall, search for bass in shallow waters. They move to shallow waters during those times for a bite to eat.
  4. Use smaller buzzbaits in clearer waters, and larger buzzbaits in cloudier water.
  5. Keep changing your direction.


Spinnerbaits are the fishing lures that have two spinning blades that look just like a propeller in action. They create different levels of flashes and vibrations to attract bass to bite.

They’re spinning motion helps them get through grassy areas without getting caught up. The blades often revolve at different speeds to prevent tangling.

Spinnerbaits are one of the most popular types of lure to use for bass fishing in shallow areas.

Best Bass Lures For Fishing Around Docks: Top 5 Lure Reviews

Those are the top three styles of fishing lures for catching bass around the docks. Check out these next 5 lures for the next time you want to spend a day on the boat, kicking it near the docks, and catching bass for dinner.

Booyah Boo Jig Bass Fishing Lure

When you’re fishing around the docks you need a dependable lure that won’t get caught in the brushy areas. Booyah Boo has come up with the perfect jig lure for just that.

  • This lure can easily slip into weeds and brush piles without snagging.
  • Flat bottom hook with an 18-degreerise to prevent losing the fish after it bites.
  • Every jig lure comes with a Mustad Ultra Black Point premium black hook.
  • This jig has a heavy-duty weed guard, meaning it never gets caught.
  • Jig gives off a realistic resemblance to baitfish swimming.
  • The lure comes with two magnum rattles to create realistic sound.
  • Available in 3 different sizes.
  • The hook is covered by a 50-strand skirt made out of premium silicone.
  • The jig comes in 6 different colors to choose from

This jig has helped a lot of fishermen reel in plenty of bass without getting snagged in the weeds. Unfortunately, the hook is prone to rusting quicker than it’s competitors.

Jshanmei Fishing Lures: Jig Kit

Jshanmei has come up with an affordable jig kit that has some premium lures for fishing from your boat near the docks. You can get this kit in either 6 or 12 pieces.

  • Lightweight designed lures come in 6 different colors.
  • Each blade has a realistic hand-painted design.
  • All jig lures have flared gill plates.
  • The strong weed guard helps these jigs passes through heavily weeded spots.
  • The flash and vibration are enhanced by a copper-willow double blade.
  • All hooks are rust-resistant.
  • These jigs resemble a wounded baitfish which makes bass think they’re easier to catch.
  • High-quality design with attention to detail ensures these lures have the sharpest hooks to hold the heaviest bass.
  • Long-lasting blade design compose of steel wire

The only downfall to these amazing jigs is that their weights are not consistent. While some shoppers were displeased by this feature, others thought that it made for a more unique design. Not all baitfish are the exact same weight anyways.

Dr. Fish Buzzbait Fishing Lure Kit

This5-piece buzzbait fishing lure kit is a special weapon that every angler should have in their tackle box to lure in some of the biggest bass near the docks. Every shopper has something positive to say about these lures and how they catch some of the biggest fish.

  • This lure features a large buzz blade and a top-quality clackler to simulate a realistic baitfish.
  • Dr. Fish Buzzbait produces a metallic acoustic that attracts bass, even ones from far away, in to take a bite.
  • Bass are unable to escape the extremely sharp high-carbon steel hook.
  • The premium silicone skirt is hand-tied. It also helps the buzzbait create a realistic swimming motion underwater.
  • Each kit comes with 5 different colors.
  • These lightweight lures only weigh 0.74 ounces each

You can feed a large crowd with the amount of large bass you’ll be reeling in if you use Dr. Fish buzzbait fishing lure fit. No wonder it is a best-seller in the sporting goods section.

Booyah Buzz Buzzbaits Fishing Lure

Booyah makes our list of best fishing lures once again for their snow-white shade of buzzbait fishing lures. This affordable lure has been a smart investment for weekend fishermen all over the US.

  • These lures are made with a premium hard coat paint that won’t start to chip off once you’ve caught a few fish.
  • They are designed with extra-large red 3D eyes.
  • There are also flared red gills for a realistic look underwater.
  • The bio-flex silicone skirt comes with 55 strands to look as real as possible when it swims by that bass.
  • The 5/0 ultra point hook ensures your bass won’t get free once it bites down.
  • Makes more noise than most traditional buzzbait to attract more bass.
  • Best choice in color for murkier waters.
  • Durable and well-made design

One problem that some users ran into with the Booyah Buzz Buzzbaits is that the skirt is a bit too long. This results in it getting caught in the hooks. To fix this, all you need to do is give the skirt a quick little trim before you go to the docks.

Free Fisher Spinnerbait Fishing Lures

This 6 piece Free Fisher Spinnerbait fishing lure kit makes fishing in the grassy water around the docks so much easier. Never worry about your lure getting stuck on the grass again.

  • Easily catch larger fish with the high-carbon steel razor-sharp treble hooks.
  • These lures are great for skimming the bottom of the water without getting snagged on weeds.
  • The premium quality metal in this lure was designed to make an eye-catching flash to catch a bass’s attention.
  • The lure has a realistic vibration motion to look like a real baitfish swimming underwater.
  • Each lightweight lure only weighs 0.62 ounces.
  • The length of each lure varies between 3.15 – 4.72 inches.
  • Anglers love this spinnerbait for fishing in shallow waters.
  • Vast assortment of bright-colored bait.
  • Best spinnerbait for catching bass earlier than predicted.
  • An excellent choice for anglers on a budget. Best value for the money.
  • Their versatility and durability make them a top choice spinnerbait for beginners but also ensure they are still loved by the experts.

Although these spinnerbait lures have some remarkable features, they don’t seem to attract the bigger bass as frequently as some of the other lures mentioned on this list. Free Fisher is still one of the best makes of spinnerbait lures from catching smaller and regular-sized bass.