Best Bass Lures For Fishing Deep Lakes

When Summer hits peak temperatures and the water warms up, bass like to take a journey to the deeper parts of lakes where it’s cool. No only is the deep water cooler which helps slow their metabolism, it’s also where baitfish go to hang out for the same reasons.

Inexperienced anglers have a harder time catching bass where it’s deep. You need to know the right technique and have the best bass lures for fishing deep lakes.

Best Bass Lures For Fishing Deep Lakes: Buying Guide

Since fishing for bass in deep water is much trickier than it is in the shallows, you need to make sure you get the right lures for the job. The right lure will be able to catch the eye of the bass and make vibrations as though it’s a real bait fish swimming.

These are the four best types of lures to use when bass fishing in deep lakes.


Jigs are one of the most popular styles of fishing lures when it comes to bass fishing. They are versatile enough to be used in any waters during all the seasons. Their realistic baitfish resemblance is always attracting the biggest bass to bite down.

A jig is a metal hook with a rubber skirt around it to keep it hidden. Some jigs come with a flexible weed guard in the front to prevent the lure from snagging in the grass. They are the most common choice for anglers for a day of fishing on the lake and excel in deep water.


Crankbaits are designed to perfectly mimic how a baitfish swims. They are usually made out of hard plastic or wood.

Crankbaits come in several different varieties which include a deep diving version. The deep diving usually comes from the angle, size, and shape f the “bill”.

The most popular feature of the crankbait is how they dive underwater. Each crankbait is designed with either a plastic or metal bill in the front, which helps create the resistance for the lure to dive realistically.

Once it’s underwater, the crankbait will wobble to create the illusion of a baitfish swimming around. This wobble is the key feature to attract bass to it. As you continue to pull your bait through the water, it will dive further. This makes it one of the best lures for deep water.


Spoon lures are oblong metal lures that are usually shaped similar to a spoon head. When underwater, their metal has one of the most eye-catching effects on bass. As they move around in the water, the light catches them at different angles causing a reflection to attract bass from all angles.

This simple and reliable lure has been a staple in many anglers’ tackle boxes for years. The application of using these little lures may have changed over the years, the basic design has always stayed the same.


Spinnerbaits have become a popular lure for reeling in bass in every area. This lure is made with one or more metal blades that spin like a propeller. This spinning motion creates flashes of light to catch the attention of the bass, as well as a realistic vibration to make it look like the lure is swimming.

There is a little skirt covering the blades that create a little flutter motion in the water and adds more resistance. These little details all make the lure more realistic looking to bass.

Best Bass Lures For Fishing Deep Lakes: Top 5 Fishing Lures Reviews

Now that you know what types of fishing lures you need to catch bass in the deep lakes, we are going to introduce you to the top-rated lures you can buy. Our buying guide can save you a search so you have more time to practice fishing techniques.

THKFish Bass Fishing Jigs

This 5-piece jig set from THKFish is one of the top-rated jigs for bass fishing in deep lakes.

  • The hook is well hidden by the weed guard skirt
  • The weed guard allows the jig to easily get through long grass and heavy brushes.
  • Extremely sharp and strong hook made from high carbon steel.
  • The curved hook design makes it difficult for fish to escape once they bit down.
  • The hook is designed to easily get to the bottom of deep lakes without getting caught in anything.
  • The jig can quickly and easily cover a lot of water.
  • All jigs in these kits are painted with high-quality paint so you don’t have to worry about it chipping off after a day in the water.
  • The weed guard on this jig is one of the sturdiest you can find, lasting for many fishing trips
  • Each jig skirt is hand-tied and made from premium silicone.
  • Tiny pearl flakes are added to the jigs to make them more attractive to the bass.
  • This jig is great for doing flips, skips, and fun swims to drive the bass wild.

The coloring of these jigs isn’t as bold as some of the competitors. They may not be the best choice for cloudy waters but always bring anglers a lot of success in clearer waters.

Codaicen Crankbait For Bass Fishing

Codaicen believes that fishing matters, which is why they have designed one of the best crankbait lures for bass fishing.

  • This crankbait makes a rattling sound that can attract bass from all areas.
  • Each crankbait set comes with 5 different realistic colors.
  • The premium treble hooks make it nearly impossible to fish to let go once they bite down.
  • Each hook holds the fish firmly as you reel it back up.
  • These crankbaits are designed to attract larger predator fish such as bass and walleye. Serious anglers always have Codaicen crankbait in their tackle box.
  • Each crankbait is designed with a square-shaped bill to help optimize the wiggling motion that the lure makes underwater. Bass will always believe it’s a baitfish swimming by.
  • This crankbait set makes the perfect gift for any angler because each 5 piece set comes in an attractive tackle box. Even if you don’t know a thing about fishing, this set will still impress the most experienced angler.
  • Codaicen customer support will always help if there is ever an issue with your lure.

It is important to make sure you use the right technique when fishing with crankbaits in deep waters. If you are flimsy with your reeling technique, these crankbaits may swim sideways.

Proberos Fishing Spoons

Whether you prefer silver or gold to attract that bass, Proberos makes one of the best fishing spoon lures you will find. Every angler will fall in love with this 10-piece spoon lure kit.

  • Proberos fishing lures are unmatched in quality, always leaving their customers happy.
  • These are very durable spoon lures made from aluminum alloy material.
  • Each fishing spoon is strong enough to be reused over and over again.
  • Metal reflects underwater to catch the eyes of some of the most widely targeted game fish, perfect for catching bass even in the deepest waters.
  • Each treble hook is made from anti-corrosion high carbon steel to ensure a long life.
  • These spoons have a life-like swimming gesture as they wiggle and wobble in the water attracting every bass.
  • The most lightweight spoons out there, only weighing 0.32 ounces each.

The one downside to these spoons is that the rings often arrive looking as though they have been spread open. You should have no issue adjusting them back into place though.

Magreel Spinnerbait Fishing Lures

Magreel has designed a spinnerbait that is so good, it’s pretty much impossible to find a poor review from any angler who used it.

  • Each kit comes in either a 10 or 16-piece package.
  • Spinnerbait lures vary in sizes between 0.14 to 0.2 ounces to change up the sizes in the bass you catch.
  • Made from the most high-quality materials.
  • The main body is made from a very durable stainless steel.
  • Each lure is brightly colored to draw in the attention of fish deep in hiding.
  • Easily bring this spinnerbaits kit with you anywhere in the convenient tackle box included.
  • Smooth and shiny design help this spinnerbait catch light no matter how deep it dives.
  • Extra-protective weed guard so these lures never get tangled.
  • One of the most affordable spinnerbaits available

These spinnerbait lures are weighted enough to dive down deep but still small enough to be bitten by fish of all sizes.

Goture Spinnerbait Bass Fishing Lures

Goture specializes in creating the best spinnerbaits for color and blade combinations. This 4-piece spinnerbait kit is a favorite for bass fishing in deeper lakes.

  • The double-blade design reflects the perfect amount of light to catch a bass.
  • Each lure has 3D eyes for a more realistic look.
  • Smooth U ring.
  • Each spinnerbait can rotate 360 degrees.
  • The hooks are strong and sharp with barbs to keep the fish attached once it bites down.
  • Double blade is made from a Colorado and a Willow blade to give it the ability to push a lot of water and create a vibration.
  • Spinnerbait targets bass effectively by giving off more flash.
  • The sturdy frame of these lures allows you to cast them out as deep as you need.

Everyone who has gotten the opportunity to use these Goture spinnerbait lures has been satisfied enough to make it their top choice for catching bass in deep lakes.