Best Bass Lures for Fishing Grass

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro fisher, fishing grass for bass is hands down one of the most unique fishing experiences ever! It just never ceases to be fun or astonishing! However, one thing is for certain – it is NOT as easy as it sounds.

Why Fish Grass For Bass?

Unlike most other types of fish, bass seek shelter in the vegetation-spots around the water.

This is primarily to avoid varying temperatures and for self-protection against larger predatory fish species. Because big bass are found in these “grassy” areas, most fishers like fishing grass for bass.

Up Close View of Grass in a Lake
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How to Choose Bass Lures For Fishing Grass?

The golden rule of choosing bass lure is to keep 2 things in mind – the region you live in and the weather/temperature when fishing.

Here are 3 types of bass lures used when fishing grass:

  • Crankbaits: If you want sure-fire results, then crankbaits are the type of lures you want! Just toss them in and watch them catch that fish you’ve been eying… but remember, they only work best when the fisher uses different angles for retrieving! These lures work in both – grass and shallow waters.
  • Soft-plastics: This type of lure enjoys popularity over most others – and quite rightfully so! Since these lures imitate natural baits such as worms and insects, they are successful lures for bass. One of the best rated lures is the Texas-rigged plastic work as it flawlessly moves through grassy spots.
  • Top-water: This includes hollow body frogs, buzzbaits, poppers, etc. These lures are effective in grassy areas because they mimic a lot of the natural prey that bass eat. They mimic frogs, lizards, and insects. As a bonus, these lures are super fun to fish when bass aggressively attacks the lures.

Depending on the way you’re fishing, you’ll have to choose your lures. But in this guide, we’ll be focusing on lures that work effectively for fishing grass for bass!

The 5 Best Bass Lures for Fishing Grass

Check out the best bass lures for fishing in vegetation below:

Rapala X-Rap Prop Fishing Lure

This bait is one of the best lures to start with, when it comes to fishing grass! Not only is it long-lasting, but it also guarantees the results you’re looking for – even as a beginner!

There are so many great things about this lure such as:

  • It comes with realistic cosmetic structure, which makes it a smart bait to start with
  • It boasts a stainless steel prop, used to emit movements, sounds and vibrations that convey real feel
  • It features counter-rotating blades that guarantee a swift return back to you, whether you fish in grass or in the water
  • Its standout feature is its internal long-cast mechanism, which allows you to throw this bait deep enough to reach the shyest of fish species, in the farthest corners.

BOOYAH Buzz Buzzbait

When it comes to fishing in denser spots of grass, this one wins the first prize! This lure has provided consistent results when fishing grass. It seems to excel whenever bait fish such as shad and minnows are most active.

The highlights of this lure are:

  • It features a simple retrieve, which imitates the motion of a prey or bait fish
  • Extremely loud which draws a lot of attention form bass
  • Several different color options to best match your preferred time of day and time of year

Gary Yamamoto Heart-Tail Swim Bait

Speedy and accurate, this fishing bait is out of this world! Though slim and slender from its structure, it works like a lethal worm that lures bass right in! What adds to its striking features is its subtle, un-alarming swimming action, which adds to its effectiveness.

Some things that make this lure one of a kind are mentioned below:

  • It features a flat (which gives it its slender look) but wide body, which makes it perfect for vibrations all over vegetation and inside the waters
  • It comes with an extra-large hook cavity, which help assure penetration, securing your catch
  • It is deliberately designed with a heart-shaped paddle tail, which creates splashes during swim, giving this lure a realistic appeal for the predator
  • It is one of the most versatile lures as it works perfectly on a jighead as well as on scattered grass or heavy vegetation
  • It comes with a long lasting lifespan so you can use it quite a few times for your fishing sprees

Yamamoto Fat Baby Craw Fishing Lure

This is the perfect fishing lure for fishers specifically targeting the vegetation area for bass! It is well-structured – the best part being minimum appendages as they often get stuck to the grass-blades.

Some of the top highlights of this fishing lure are as follows:

  • It features an overall round-slim body, which allows it to move through vegetation without any hurdles or troubles
  • It comes with claws attached to the front area, which prevents the lure from getting stuck on grass blades, roots, sticks, mud/ musky water or plastic
  • It is loaded with salt, which is a total treat for the bass and instantly attracts their attention – this one will guarantee results and fish love biting on it
  • In addition, as it is loaded with salt, it is easy to cast and also sinks well for when you are fishing in the farther edges or the underneath areas of the grass (such as in fall or summer season)

Strike King Red Eyed Shad

When it comes to getting the bass you want, trusting the Strike King Red Eyed Shad is the way to go! It is compact, realistic and comes with great vibration, which makes it an excellent bait.

Some of the best things about this lure are mentioned below:

  • This lure functions effectively whether you cast it in deep or shallow water, making it the perfect lure for near-grass or musky-grass water fishing
  • It is popular as it functions efficiently in thick vegetation as well as shallow and scattered grass blades, making it a great bait for year round grass fishing!
  • It comes attached with an internal rattle, which attracts bass right to the hook
  • Its lipless feature allows you to maintain control with precision and accuracy, allowing ease and enjoyment during your fishing experience


While you need to keep in mind all the essentials of fishing grass such as the reel, rod and etc. one of the most crucial parts of fishing grass for bass is the lure or bait. Choosing the right bait can be a challenging decision, especially since the market is flooded with so many!