Best Bass Lures for Fishing Stumps

If there’s one thing that bass fishermen can lean on when they are having a tough day on the water, it’s that bass absolutely LOVE to hide out in stump water.

Doesn’t matter if we are talking about a tiny little puddle of water or an open pond. If there’s all trees and stumps underneath the surface of the water, the odds are good there are a few families of big old bass calling it home.

But here’s the rub.

Anytime you start to talk about stumpy water you start to talk about caught hooks, broken lines, and lost lures. It really isn’t hard to get tangled up in the stumps, feeling like you have got a real monster at the end of the line when all you’ve really got hooked is a chunk of wood.

Luckily though, there are a handful of lure options out there engineered for stumpy water specifically. They’ll help you land bigger bass without following your hooks or snapping your lines in this otherwise pretty treacherous water.

Check out our breakdown of the best bass lures for fishing stumps below for more details!

Stump Lures for Bass Buying Guide

The time of year you head out for a bit of fishing is going to hugely influence the kind of stump lure you choose from your tackle box.


In the springtime, for example, bass are going to be moving into the stumps to spawn. They aren’t going to be super reactive the way they might have been after the spawn or in the summer. You’ll need to do a bit of coaxing to work them out.


In the summertime, though, anything that even sort of looks like baitfish is going to drive bass wild. They’ll pull up into those stumps to ambush baitfish. The right style lure will have them jumping right into your boat.


Fall fishing is going to force you to start using lures that look like worms. Big jigs, big rubber worms, and a deeper diving crank bait are all options to consider when the leaves start to turn.


Just to break that down again real quick, crank bait options are what you want to use in warmer weather. As long as the spawn has passed, bass are going to be really territorial and really hungry, and they’re going to hammer that crank bait every time you fly it by the stump.


Jigs are going to work pretty well all year round, but they do really well when stump fishing towards the fall. Depending on how you rig them up (and how deep you can drive them into the water), of course.


Spinner bait is probably best used towards the spring season, when bass are spawning and are holding up in those stumps. The flash and vibration usually will pull them out when few other bait options would have.

Texas Rigged Plastic Worms

Last but not least, you can always go with Texas rigged plastic worms pretty much any time of year. A lot of anglers have success fishing in the fall with this kind of bait, though, so you might want to trend more towards that direction.

As you can see the seasonality of the time you’ll spend out on the water as a huge impact on the kind of bait you should be reaching for when you want to land big bass in the stumps.

Texas rigged plastic or rubber worms are probably the only bait you’ll want to keep in your tackle box year-round if things are getting a little bit tight, though.

If you have a bigger tackle box and room for all these different bait options you might want to keep a couple tucked away, too. At the very least you’ll be able to fiddle around with different bait choices to find the best bass lures for fishing stumps when you’re actually on the water!

Our Five Favorite Bass Lures for Fishing Stumps

Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure

This bass lower is especially useful when you are going to be fishing stumpy water that is absolutely loaded with downed trees, brush, and other things that contribute to a high snag potential area.


  • The shape of these lures create a lot of activity on the top water
  • The design skips and swims around just like a real baitfish, with a lot of life that’s going to attract bass very easily
  • Triple hook configuration upfront and in the back give you plenty of opportunities to land big bass no matter where they strike
  • Unique “rudder system” produces extra vibration and disturbance in the water when you are running these lures at the end of your line
  • Figuring out how to “walk the water” with these lures is really simple and straightforward
  • Popping, double propping, and deep diving with this lure are generally pretty easy to get the hang out
  • Capable of generating strikes from up to 20 feet away, especially when working stump infested waters
  • Available in a bunch of different colors


  • A little bit on the expensive side of things
  • Six hooks dramatically increase the potential for hangups on stumps
  • May not be able to generate all that much heat from big bass outside of summer and fall weather

Rebel Lures Pop-R Topwater Popper Fishing Lure

Another one of the best bass lures for fishing stumps, this lure is also designed with a bit of a baitfish look to it that drives fish wild all year round.

The company behind this lure markets it as the “supersized” version of the number one top water popping lure. It isn’t hard to see why.


  • The coloration of these lures is some of the best in the business
  • The level of design and detail on each of these “baitfish” proper lures is off the charts, too
  • Triple rotating hooks at the back and at the front give you extra opportunity to hook bait fish wherever they strike
  • Relatively affordable price point that makes these lures very attractive to new fishermen
  • Designed not to hang up and hook on stumps as often as other setups might


  • Overall build quality and durability can be a little bit of a question mark
  • Not available in quite as many different colors or designs as some of the other baitfish choices on the market today
  • Hooks come with barbs on them and will need to be debarred yourself if you want to do catch and release fishing
  • Getting these lures to fly around the water can take a little bit of time to get used to

Bass Spinnerbait, 6 Pcs Fishing Lures Spinner Baits

The cool thing about this sixpack of the best bass lures for fishing stumps is that you get a lot of variety or very little investment.


  • Available in a sixpack of different colors, from natural and lifelike to very wild and out there – giving you plenty of variations to try and land big bass every day out on the water
  • All of these spinner bait lures come with spoons attached to them to draw even more attention. These spoons are designed to vibrate throughout the water but also to catch light and bounce it throughout the water to draw in big bass from 30 feet away
  • The weight of these spinner baits is really dialed in, making them very easy to cast
  • Overall construction materials are top-tier across the board, these are very obviously well-made fishing lures
  • Specifically designed to handle big trophy fish – not just bass, but big trout, walleye, northern pike, and even salmon


  • Have a lot of potential for hooking up and hanging on tree stumps because of the spinner bait design
  • Design takes a little bit of time to get used to when moving it realistically underneath the water
  • Spinner bait may not be super useful when fish aren’t already aggressive and eager to strike

RUNCL Topwater Frog Lures

When most people think about going fishing, they think about digging up worms or using the best bass lures for fishing stumps that at least look like worms. Sometimes, though, you have to throw something a little “meatier” at bass to get them to strike – and that’s with these frog lures are designed to do.


  • Incredibly lifelike design with almost 3D eyes and hyper realistic swimming motion lures bass in from a mile away
  • Unique “water action” perfectly replicates how a frog or bullfrog actually moves through stumpy water, fooling fish into striking more consistently
  • Made out of high quality and environmentally friendly PVC materials that are soft. These materials marked have bass spinning the lure out the way they might have with harder, cheaper materials
  • A weakness design hook is embedded into the belly of the lure itself, exposing the hook to fish while keeping it away from lily pads, weeds, and tree stumps


  • Will definitely take a little bit of time to tie on your mind and switch from other baits
  • Definitely on the heavier side of things and may need to be counter balanced when you are fishing
  • A little more expensive than most are ready to play (but well worth the money)

Beoccudo Fishing Lures Bass Bait

If you’d like to get your hands on a 24 piece set of some of the best bass lures for fishing stumps without breaking your bank account this is the set you’ll want to look into.


  • Designed to look sort of like a minnow but also sort of like a rubber worm, you can usually get action from bass hiding in stumps no matter what
  • 24 pack of lures guarantees that you won’t ever run out of bait anytime soon
  • Soft, jerk bait material is very durable, reusable, and takes scented oils and attractants very well
  • Lifelike look is very well done, with plenty of colors and options to sparkle and shine under the water


  • Will require you to install your own hooks inside of the minnow/warm body
  • Does not include any scented oils or other attractants
  • You’ll have to add your own weight to the line to get it to sink to bass depths consistently
  • Some reviews find it to be a little bit on the more fragile side of things in colder weather