Best Bass Lures For Winter

Bait fishing entails two basics. You want to be able to spot the right target, and you want to entice your target to swallow your bait. Using the best bass lure for winter fishing will undoubtedly help you in these endeavors around the chilly months.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to pick the best bass lures for winter and explore our five top picks that will help you land bass during the winter chill.

Buying Guide

Finding the best lure for fishing in winter can seem hard at first, but shopping becomes an easy feat once you know the few principles that work.

Here’s our guide to buying the best bass lures for winter fishing:


Jerkbaits come in two types—soft and hard. Soft jerkbaits sink slowly, giving you time to adjust the angles and maintain accuracy. They are excellent for winter fishing.

On the downside, soft jerkbaits can degenerate or break when you jerk them faster. With time, you should learn what best works for your speed, angling technique, and water conditions.

Some other factors to consider when picking a jerkbait include:

Depth of Water

Jerkbaits dive differently. A heavier jerkbait will sink faster and can be a great addition when fishing in deep waters.

Lighter models will float. They are ideal for clear, shallow waters. Specifically for winter, go for the deep-running jerkbaits since fish lounge deeper during cold weather.

Color of the Jerkbait

The color is crucial if you want to trigger the predators into striking your jerkbait fast enough. If you fish around Great Lakes or Regions in the Northeastern U.S., perch colors are ideal since your target is primarily bass.

But if you’re in Florida, you’re likely to catch golden shiners. Golden or black colored jerkbaits will be ideal. If you’re unsure what to carry, it’s a great idea to include different colors in your tackle box and test what seems to work.

Water Clarity

Jerkbaits work great in clear waters. Their flashy and brighter colors attract fish from long distances, so fishing in clear water is advantageous.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a guarantee that your water will remain clear throughout the winter. If you’re fishing in stained water, we specifically recommend jerkbaits that produce rattles.

The noise can help pull up your target from deeper waters and entice them to eat your bait, even when the water is murky.

You may also want to use jerkbaits with rattles when fishing in “noisy” waters. This type of water includes public waters where ferries or ships dock and banks with intense waves.


Spoons wiggle and vibrate when moving in the water. Their metallic surfaces also produce light flashes, which makes them an ideal choice for winter night fishing.

Here’s how to choose the right spoon:


The average size of a spoon lure is 3 to 6 inches. Any spoon in this bracket will work great for numerous species.


Pick heavier and thicker spoons for winter since the targets lie deep. Wider spoons also run faster and are an ideal choice for species that need fast reeling.


Pick brighter colors for areas with poor water clarity. Choices such as traffic lights and sunset are best for muddied or murky waters.

Pick brown trout or silver, black color for clear waters.


The shape also affects sinking and floating. Fat and wide spoons have a larger surface area that keeps them afloat for a few seconds before they start to drop gradually.

Rounder spoons have smaller surface areas. They will sink fast and run deep, making them great for winter fishing.

Rattling Bladed Jigs

Rattling bladed jigs produce a more intense vibration that’s ideal for murky waters. Factors to consider when picking a rattling bladed jig include:

The Speed of Your Reel

How fast you reel primarily determines the depth your bladed jig will go. Reel the lure at a quicker pace to keep the jig moving a few inches below the surface if you’re fishing in shallow waters. This trick is also great when angling above submerged vegetation.

To get into deeper waters, reel fast, then jerk. The bladed jig will gradually sink to your desired depth.


Pick a jig with two lead barb keepers or heavy-duty wireline tires when looking to add weight and hit deeper depths.

If you’re fishing shallow waters with jumbles of wires, crossbeams, and poles, pick a jig with a fiber weed guard.

You can look at choosing a jig with a straight tail that wobbles for the winter season. A wobbling tail allows the jig to fall gradually into the deeper water rather than plummeting straight down, causing the targets to scamper.

Type of Hook

If your target is a soft-mouth fish, choose hooks with light wire hooks. These hooks bend effortlessly and pull freely without snagging.

But if you’re fishing a toothy game fish such as walleye, you require a strong wire hook. They’re sturdy and won’t bend to let your catch free.

Additionally, the bend of the hook affects the placement of the hook’s eye. An ideal hook should have its shank bent at a range between 60 to 90 degrees.


Spinnerbaits work best for spring. However, you can still use these lures in winter, especially when the ice begins to break and thaw. They are also effective later in the day and in shallow, warmer water.

Other factors to consider when buying spinnerbaits include:

Clarity of Water

Standard spinnerbaits work for both clear and murky water. However, you still need to check at the store to know whether the model you’ve picked will work effectively in the type of water you’re planning to fish.


Most anglers use ½, ¼, and ⅜ ounce baits. The heavier your bait, the deeper it’ll go. For winter fishing, add more weight to the bait to get to your target that will be lurking deeper.

Blade Selection

Spinner blades come in a variety of colors and sizes. Dark-colored blades work best at nights, while the shiny gold, silver, chartreuse, copper, and fluorescent red blades are ideal for daytime fishing.

A blade that is larger in size will produce more flash and sound. Pick the larger Indiana blades if your target is bigger, and choose walleye and trimmer blades for smaller bass.

Best Bass Lures in Winter

Having conducted extensive research on winter bass lures, we’ve curated this list to help you choose a bass lure that will meet your needs and get you landing some great catches.

Truscend Fishing Lure For Bass


  • The lures have a 3D simulated body that mimics the feel and looks of a real fish. They also vibrate to entice and attract both the targets and predator to strike.
  • The body consists of 8 multi-jointed segments with a center metal for stability.
  • The lures measure 3 to 3 ¾ inches and are versatile and effective for any regular hook or bait.
  • Truscend’s range of colors is vivid inside the waters, making it an easy catch for any fish.
  • You don’t necessarily need a bobber since the lure floats for a few seconds before it begins to sink gradually.
  • These lures work for any type of fish and can handle up to 40 pounds without breaking.


  • You need an extra-high retrieve rate to keep the lures floating when fishing in shallow waters.
  • Hooks bend easily and may snap when they catch bigger aggressive fish.

CharmYee Bass Fishing Lure Topwater Bass Lure


  • Don’t just wait for the Northern Pike or walleye to identify your bait—attract them. This 3D simulated crankbait will pull the fish in with a natural swimming body and vibrations that mimic a real fish.
  • The amazing powder-coated body includes 6-multi-jointed segments with center steel to keep them stable.
  • The lures come in various colors that you can use during the day or at night. They also work for saltwater and freshwater.
  • This swimbait comes with realistic tails that propel it slowly across the water before it sinks.
  • They have sharp Mustad treble hooks that tend to keep the fish hooked. Once it captures the target, it’s nearly impossible to lose your catch.


  • Kit doesn’t include spinners, which you can get from other variants in the same price bracket.
  • The hook often gets caught on the tail of the swimbait when you reel fast.
  • The baits may not work for beginners, especially in river rapids, since they sink faster.

LINGYUE Fishing Lures Minnow VIB Propper Hard Bait Lures


  • These lures come as a set of five. Each lure in the collection has a unique color that is striking and appeals to predators.
  • The body is a high-grade plastic ABS, and it comes coated with an exquisite coating that reflects, attracts, and invokes predators. Tails are longer for more responsive darting action.
  • These bass lures work for every angler out there. They come fitted with heavy-duty split rings and sharp treble hooks. No more problems of a successful catch slipping away; the clips will hold it firmly.
  • We specifically loved the vivid eyes and body pattern. Plus, the body is whole—not segmented like we’ve seen from the first two reviews.
  • LingYue Fishing Lures also come with gravity balls inside to keep your casts accurate. Even when moving, the body of the lure achieves postural stability to aid your angling.


  • Smaller than your typical lure and may not work for larger fish species.

GOANDO Fishing Lures Kit For Freshwater Bait


  • The kit comes as a complete set that includes 3D-modified lures. Each lure has a scale-pattern finish that mimics a live bait.
  • Each bait offers a perfect balance between functionality and convenience since they consist of reflective surfaces you can rely on to capture any predator. They also vibrate and entice the fish to strike.
  • The fish spoon flashes, making them your ideal option for a nighttime ordeal. The kit also includes all designs you may need for any species of fish you want to catch.
  • You can use GOANDO fish lures in ponds, streams, freshwater lakes, and the ocean. They make great multi-purpose lures for any type of water.
  • The tackle box also includes 33 worms, two pieces of fish-shaped soft bait, one crankbait, five pieces of jigs, and a swim well.


  • Priced higher than most lures in the market.
  • Popular and highly effective colors such as natural fleck and white are missing.
  • None of the lures have eyelets.

BASSDASH Metal Surface Long Casting Jiggling Lure Crankbait


  • These jiggling spoons come in metal slugs that are easy to cast and retrieve.
  • The surface is pre-rigged to improve balance when reeling.
  • They have a treble hook at the edge that pierces the target and prevents a catch from slipping off the hook.
  • The life-like body consists of 3D eyes and a holographic HD head. A metallic paint mimics a real fish.
  • These are ideal for a wide selection of species, including bass, kingfish, tuna, snapper, and many more.
  • The crankbait slowly sinks and produces flashes that increase the chances of predators striking.
  • The lures come in a set of five. Each piece weighs only 30 grams.
  • The lures are ideal for both fresh and salty waters. So, you won’t have a hard time landing the perfect catch.


  • Sets come in a packet of five with pre-selected colors. You cannot choose a color of your preference.

Final Thoughts: The Best Lures For Winter

Now that you’ve read this article, you should know how to buy the best bass lures for winter.

Fishing lures come in a range of styles and designs, and that can make finding an effective bass lure for winter a daunting task.

But since we’ve shared our top picks, you have several recommended options you can try out this season. Let us know in the comment section which of these lures worked for you!