Best Bass Lures For Fishing Rocky Areas

crawfishOne of the most exciting things about fishing is the varied equipment and strategy necessary to catch bass in different conditions.

Rocks have everything bass look for.

There’s hiding spots for safety. Shade behind larger rocks in the summer when it’s hot during the day. In the winter, light colored rocks in shallow areas reflect sunlight to help warm up bass.

Most importantly, rocks are habitat to many species that bass eat. Things like crawfish, frogs, and baitfish such as shad and minnows make rocks their home.


Types of Bass Lures for Fishing Rocks

There are four main types of baits that one can use to catch bass in rocky areas most effectively.


A basic jig is among the most useful baits on the market and a must-have for any bass angler. It’s useful for all kinds of fishing, in any depth, and different covers.

What makes the jig complex is that every single aspect of the bait is tunable. It’s customizable nature means there have been many design iterations including swim jigs, football jigs, and finesse jigs amongst many others.

The one best for rocky area fishing is the casting/structure jig. It needs to be compact, and feature a head design that enables it to crawl over rocks effectively. As a result, most of them have a flat bottom. They’re available in sizes ranging from 3/16 to 5/8 of al1n ounce.


A crankbait is essentially a lure made out of wood or plastic, with a design that resembles a fish or a crawfish. They typically have between one to three sets of treble hooks that stick out from the belly’s underside or tail. Additionally, they have typically plastic lips in the front that act as a diving device when the lure is in use.

For rocky area bass fishing, crawfish-colored crankbait tends to be the most effective. It’ll catch the highest number of fishes during the spring, but it’ll work through late fall. For both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, the most effective crankbait length is between 2-5 inches.

Twin-Tail Grubs

Twin-tail grubs have the same short body as other grubs, the only difference being the presence of two tails. It gives this particular grub, extra actions, and gives it much more mobility underwater.

One of the most effective techniques to use is hopping it along the bottom or vertical jig. These baits are perfect for both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. However, the size differs.

For smallmouth bass, anglers will be looking for a six-pound line and light action rods.

At the same time, largemouth bass will require heavier gear. Skirted twin-tail grubs, known as spider jigs, are the best choice for bass fishing. Thanks to the skirt, it looks a lot more like a bass jig and offers outstanding action.

Plastic Craws

Bass are known notoriously for their love of craw. Plastic craw worms are the ideal tool for spawning bass. Fishers can tempt bedding bass easily using the plastic craw baits. When fishing in deeper water, it’s best to attach the plastic craw on a drop-shot rig.

Best Bass Lures For Fishing Rocky Areas

Z-Man Crosseyez Flipping Jig

Z-Man Crosseyez Flipping Jig is one of the most ideal for bass anglers and is a must-have. It features a hand-tied skirt that’s made of 100% silicone and hand-tied with copper. It’s capable of holding up under all conditions and is very durable.

Thanks to a comprehensive head profile, it’s capable of skipping underneath the cover and make complicated casts seem much more straightforward. It’ll rarely snag and will move in and out of the wood cover quite smoothly.

It features a pre-trimmed weed guard that helps protect the hook point. Even though the weed guard offers decent protection, it’s reasonably collapsible. It means that the weed guard is going to get out of the way when it’s setting time.

Both the size and profile of the jig are ideal for all kinds of bass. Most fishers tend to overlook the smaller catch for more massive trophies. However, with the Z-Man Crosseyez bass of all sizes are going to bite. It’s available in 3/8, 1/2, 5/8- ounce sizes.

Lastly, the jig features a 4/0 VMC Flipping Hook design. It isn’t going to bend or flex with both heavy lines or hard hooksets. It gives off a satisfying pop while setting the hook.


  • 100% silicone skirt
  • Wide-head profile
  • Pre-trimmed weed guard
  • Ideal size and profile
  • 4/0 VMC Flipping hook


  • Not enough room for customization

Strike King KVD 1.5 Shallow Square Bill Crankbait

Strike King is a well-known name in the tackle industry and for a good reason. The KVD follow the exact design specifications set out by bass fishing legend Kevin VanDam. These are perfect for shallow water and power fishing.

It offers a square bill design that provides a unique action and constant erratic motion under the water. The bait also deflects off the cover to help entice more bites, and there’ll be a significant increase in the amount of bass caught.

The KVD baits also feature a design with no internal rattles to ensure an utterly silent approach. It’s capable of diving 3-feet and weighs 3/8-ounce. The chip-resistant finish also helps ensure that the bait is durable and capable of going the distance.

It features a 3D design that focuses on imitating actual small fish. One of the most practical features is the 3D eyes, which look entirely realistic. It’s versatile and efficient bait that just flat out nabs bass.

The bait is available in several different colors, with each having different levels of effectiveness during different seasons. For fall fishing, the natural bream color is the most effective.


  • Highly effective
  • Smooth wobble
  • Perfect for shallow banks


  • Quality control issues
  • A line occasionally gets caught in the lip

GameChanger Lures Eeliminator Grub

The Eeliminator is a modern tackle and looks nothing like traditional bait. It works incredibly well and is available in a 3.5-inch size and 4.5-inch size. It only helps that the lure itself looks incredible.

What makes the Eeliminator so effective is that it combines the movements of several traditional bass preys. Thanks to the large body and long tail, it creates an unbelievably realistic swimming action.

It’s very versatile and can be both fished Texas-rigged style or Carolina-rigged style. Pro fishers can even run the bait weightless and slow rolled in the shallowest of waters. All this design brilliance is a result of GameChanger collaborating with legendary Steve Parks. Catch Co is responsible for optimizing and manufacturing the Eeliminator.

The three best color options are green pumpkin, watermelon red flake, and summer craw. Getting all three in the tackle box means that the bass angler is ready every fishing season.


  • Phenomenal fishing action
  • Minimal weight
  • Catches even the most finicky bass


BioSpawn VileCraw 

BioSpawn is a company that is making waves in the industry these days. Thanks to their quirk of creating modern “genetically engineered” bait that is helping to shift creature bait designs.

It’s perfect for flipping thanks to the flanged claws that provide enhanced action when Texas rigged. The body of the bait is veined and segmented, featuring several small details that attract bass.

It’s only available in one single length of 4-inches. Both the profile and the movement are ideal for attracting all kinds of bass. The bait is most effective when used to catch bedding bass, as they’ll find it impossible to resist.

In deeper water, configure the VileCraw according to a drop-shot rig to catch those bass above the rocky bottom. There are several different colors that anglers can choose between, with each as effective as the other.

Another exciting feature is the inclusion of an attractive scent. The scent will attract bass that is just out of the reach of the line. It’s not a regular pushover either; the VileCraw is capable of going through several fish.


  • Attractive Scent
  • Unique Action
  • Extremely Effective


  • Claws can get stuck and wrapped under itself

GameChanger Lures Trashmaster Jigs

GameChanger is always looking to do something different and achieve an edge in the market. The Trashmaster features a screw lock design that allows anglers to rig their trailers completely weedless.

It also offers a unique new hook concept featuring a stick-sharp point, gauge wire, and unique bend design. Once its hookset time, the plastic trailer slides out of the way, ensuring its max penetration.

The Trashmaster is the perfect blend of innovative, modern features and high-quality components. It features the hand of legendary designer Steve Parks, and Catch Co has optimized the baits.

Another brilliant feature is the wire hand-tied style collar. While traditional jig heads are secured with a low-quality rubber band, the Trashmaster features a wire hand-tied style collar.

The wire hand-tied style collar makes sure that bait is durable and can tackle Fish after Fish. It’s available in twelve different colors, each being effective at various points in the season. Anglers can choose between four sizes, two for largemouth bass and two for smallmouth bass.


  • Top Quality Design
  • Durable Skirt
  • Hooks Well
  • Texas Craw most popular color


  • The wrong color gets delivered
  • Popular sizes run of stock quick