Best Chatterbaits for Bass

If you want to get some serious bass fishing done, you really want to look into the chatterbaits. Chatterbaits for bass can often help you to wrangle up the best fish by jiggling around in the water and shredding through the grass. They attract big fish like bass and are a great addition to your tackle box if you want to get the best results.

Buying Guide

This guide will highlight everything that you want to know about using chatterbaits to catch bass.

What Is a Chatterbait?

At their heart, chatterbaits are a type of jig with a blade on it.

The jig comes fitted with a specific type of skirt. Additionally, the blade is affixed to the front of the lure. Most bladed jigs are known as chatterbaits, although some don’t have this specific name necessarily. It all depends on how the manufacturer wants to classify it.

These days, as the term “chatterbait” is gaining more popularity, more and more manufacturers are referring to their products as such.

When the chatterbait gets into the water, the blade begins to vibrate, which causes a massive disruption in the water and attracts the bigger fish, like bass. It also slices through any kind of sea or water grass, giving you a clear shot and a good way to catch the bass.

Essentially, the chatterbait wriggles around in the water like a smaller bait fish, enticing larger predators to come to check it out.

When to Fish a Chatterbait?

There’s really no specific time of year that’s best to use a chatterbait, although many people think that spring seems to work out ideally because that is when the bass are most active.

Use your chatterbait whenever the bass are mobile in your area. Every geographical location across the country will be different, so simply select the one that makes the most sense for you.

Why a Chatterbait Over Other Lure Types?

Chatterbait lures can be more effective than other types simply because you don’t have to pull them up and down manually in the water. They mimic the movements of smaller fish, drawing larger fish to your lure and helping you to haul in a much larger catch. Since they’re always vibrating, the bait does the work for you, allowing you to relax and reel in all of the fish that you want.

Additionally, chatterbaits can cut through grass and other debris at the bottom of lakes and ponds, making it much easier to fish for larger, elusive animals like bass.

Pairing Chatterbaits with Other Gear

Chatterbaits work exceptionally well with all of your typical fishing gear, and you do not need to buy anything additional or special to use them. Even better, they’re relatively easy to set up and tie. Once you get the fishing technique down, you should be set to go to hook in some bass!


There are a few different ways that you can use your chatterbait: with spinning rods or with baitcasting rods. Either one is completely fine and strictly boils down to your own personal preference.

Spinning Rod

If you want to use a spinning rod, make sure that it’s a medium-sized heavy action one, as this will give you the best results with your chatterbait. These rods do most of the work for you and give a little extra action to your already jiggling chatterbait. Any experienced fisher knows that this is a key way to attract bass.

Use a 15-pound line on the rod, and you should be appropriately set up to catch some monster bass!

Baitcasting Rod

If you want to go with the baitcasting rod option, you need a medium-sized rod that has a good reel attached to it. These types of rods can work with virtually any kind of bait, including chatterbaits.

The reason why you want to get a medium-heavy rod is so that you can pursue bass through the murky depths of the lake or pond.

It’s essential that the rod be able to stand up to those harsh conditions and not snap. Of course, since your chatterbait is already slicing through grass, that helps as well.


Spinning reels are generally better for using chatterbaits as they add a little extra spin to your already moving bait, but you can also use standard types as well. The most important aspect of selecting a reel is ensuring that you feel comfortable using it.

As long as the rod is medium-heavy and the reel has the power that you need to haul in fish, you should be okay.

You’ll also need to determine which gear ratio works best for you and the conditions of where you like to go fishing. A medium ratio is usually a good compromise between stability and retrieval speed, especially in heavy, murkier waters.


Try to get between 10 to 15 pound mono and fluoro line or 15 to 30 pound braided line on your reel. The water in lakes and ponds tends to be murky and often contains a lot of debris from the bottom, so pulling up your fish will be tough.

If you don’t want your line to snap, make sure that you opt for one that can stand up to the pressure. When in doubt, always go heavier rather than lighter.

Think about the type of season that you’re fishing for your bass during. Ideally, you want to match the color to the ideal type of fish a bass would be looking for. Most bass fishers already have dark blue or black lines, which is great for the deeper, murkier conditions where bass like to swim.

Green Pumpkin is another solid choice for line color (and lure color), as the water will work with the line to make it look like part of the environment. Think about the type of water that you have where you live, and choose your line color accordingly.

Sometimes, it might be a good idea to bring a few different colors of line to assess better which one looks more natural under the waves on a day-to-day basis.

Best Chatterbaits for Bass

Most chatterbaits have similar qualities, but there are a few products that really stand out. Depending on what you’re looking for, where you live, and how competent you are at catching bass, one of these products could be ideal for you.

Z-Man Chatterbait

Z-Man is one of the most respected names in the fishing industry, so it should come as no surprise that they have a great chatterbait. Their chatterbaits are specifically designed to attract larger fish, like bass, and they come equipped with a hex-blade. This blade whisks weeds and seagrass away, keeping your hook clear and ready to go straight into a bass’s mouth.

You can get this chatterbait in a variety of different colors, so you can easily match the color of the water that you’re fishing in. This chatterbait also emits a sound and a luring vibration that is specifically designed to feel like the flailings of a hurt fish. Previously, you had to flick the line around in order to disturb the water and try to lure the fish in, but the Z-Man Chatterbait does all of that hard work for you.

The Z-Man Chatterbait also acts as a spinnerbait, so you can use it for a lot of different applications, and not just to catch big fish like bass. It’s endlessly versatile, and you can use it in all sorts of different habitats and conditions.


  • It’s both a spinnerbait and a chatterbait
  • You can get it in many colors
  • Very easy to set up


  • The hex blade can take a bit to get used to
  • It takes some practice to use at first

Harmony Fishing Company Chatterbait Kit

If you’re a fishing novice or just new to using chatterbait, you really need to get your hands on this fishing kit. The Harmony Fishing Company Chatterbait Kit has everything that you need to need to head right out into the water. The chatterbait that they use is easy to set up and comes with four razors, plastic trailers, and a book detailing how to use chatterbait to your advantage.

The product lights up and spins in the water and acts as both a spinnerbait and a chatterbait under the waves, and since you have a complete manual on how to use it, you’ll be able to operate it in all of its settings with ease. Not only can you catch bass with this chatterbait, but you can also go after larger varieties of fish as well.

These chatterbaits tend to melt right into the surrounding water and don’t look artificial at all, making them ideal for anyone who needs the confidence boost of getting that first big catch.


  • It’s an entire kit and instructional book
  • Chatterbaits are natural-looking
  • Acts as a chatterbait, jig, and spinnerbait


  • Sometimes finicky with larger hooks
  • The lights might not work all of the time

Reaction Tackle Tungsten ChatterBait Bladed Swim Jigs

If you want to really invest in the best, check out the Reaction Tackle Tungsten Chatterbait Bladed Swim Jigs. These chatterbaits tend to hinge on the power of vibration, shaking like wounded fish under the water and drawing in big fish like bass. They have an excellent record and reputation for snaring big fish in inhospitable conditions.

They’re made out of extremely sensitive Tungsten, so you can feel everything under the waves in real-time and make any adjustments that you need to in order to change your course. This is helpful when you’re dealing with a lot of underwater features like rocks or logs.

This product is also environmentally-friendly, and professionally crafted, so it should last for years.


  • It’s made out of sensitive Tungsten
  • It vibrates under the water
  • It’s eco-friendly


  • It can be hard to hook onto your fishing rod
  • The spinning functionality can be difficult to control

Z-Man CB38-74 Okeechobee ChatterBait

The Z-Man CB38-74 Okeechobee Chatterbait is often used in professional fishing tournaments thanks to its unique design that combines a hex-shaped blade, vibrations, flashes, and plenty of action under the water. It’s a great secret weapon to have if you want to catch some of the best fish, including bass.

Like many of the best products on our list, it acts as a spinner ball, jig, and chatterbait all in one, and once you get the hang of it, it’s relatively easy to use. It’s designed to allow you to feel everything right through the rod so that you can avoid rocks, logs, and other underwater features.


  • It’s used in professional fishing tournaments
  • You can feel it through the rod and avoid rocks and logs
  • It’s a jig, spinner ball, and chatterbait in one lure


  • It’s not as environmentally-friendly as some other models
  • It can be challenging to control at first