Best Swim Jigs for Bass

A jig is one of the oldest lures for different fish species, and anglers still use it today to lure bass on the bottom. Over 50% of people that regularly fish prefer bass fishing, and swimming a jig became a popular technique for catching bass amongst the masses.

Swim jigs are known for being pretty effective at catching bass as well as other fish species. If you master the technique of using them well, the best swim jigs for bass can be a deadly addition to your fishing gear.

However, as excellent as these fish lures are, it can feel overwhelming to shop for the right one. There are tens of brands making swim jigs for bass..

To help you narrow it down, we have put together the following analysis of the right swim jig for bass. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Swim Jig?

Discovered for bass fishing in the 1970s when a professional fisherman won two bass tournaments with “Cotton” Cordell’s famous jigs, swim jigs have become popular among anglers who target shallow water covers. (Game and Fishing Mag)

They are one of the most versatile fishing lures for fish species in both saltwater and freshwater. Swim jigs are highly effective on different fish species, including bass of all sizes, flounder, redfish, and speckled trout. With solid equipment and hooks, you can target giant sea creatures such as cobia and jacks.

These fishing lures feature specially designed jig heads and can navigate through waters with vegetation. They have streamlined heads and include light guards to keep weeds off the hook and keep the lure moving. Some have heads that include eyes to resemble real crawfish, while others don’t.

They are often made from silicone or rubber material to imitate crawfish or baitfish. Most have lighter colors, but darker colors are also available.

When Is the Best Time to Fish a Swim Jigs?

Spring and Fall

The best time to use swim jigs is during the spring when gizzard or threadfins are spawning in shallow waters and the fall when these shads (gizzard, threadfins) are in the shallow waters.

Bass can ignore swim jigs when temperatures are frigid, which is why the warmer climates of spring and early fall are the best times to catch bass using swim jigs.


Swimming a jig produces the best results when reeling on any cover, such as aquatic vegetation or boat docks, as these serve as ambush points. Bass will find swim jigs suspicious on open banks and thus will likely ignore them.

Weeds and Vegetation

Some of the best weeds for swim jigs are water willows, lily pads, and matted maiden cane. Holes and edges in the weeds are the best locations for swimming a jig, especially in the fall.

Why Use Swim Jigs Over Other Types of Fish Lures?

Swim jigs are highly effective bass-catchers, but why use them over other fish lures? The main advantage of using a swim jig over other fishing lures is that they don’t display the thumping, knocking, rattling, or flash sounds that noisy power lures typically make.

The subtle movement of a swim jig can give you a considerable advantage, especially in calm, clear water where you don’t want to make extra noise that may scare bass away.

Another great advantage a swim jig has over other fishing lures is its ability to be used in the cover. Swim jigs feature weed guards that allow the bait to swim through grass beds and other vegetation underwater without getting stuck.

Pairing Swim Jigs With Other Gear

In addition to buying the best swim jigs for bass, you should consider other gear that goes with it, including the size of the hook, reels, weed guard, line, and rods. The overall setup of the whole swim jig determines whether it will be effective in catching bass or not.

Here are a few tips on the gear to pair with the swim jig:


What is the best rod size for use with swim jigs? Well, in most cases, the longer the line, the quicker it will be to move the fish away from the cover.

Again, a longer rod improves how the hook sets on fish that are in deeper water.

In terms of power and action, a fast-action heavy power rod is most effective.

Whether you go for spinning or bait caster rods all depends on how you want to cast. Baitcasting reels allow you to cast more accurately, while spinning reels will enable you to cast longer using lighter lures.


When choosing between a spinning or baitcasting reel, you’ll want to determine your end goal. Baitcasting reels are the go-to for bass pros because of their allowance for longer casts, heavier lines, and a bit more control when compared to spinning reels.

They also allow for better casting accuracy, which is necessary for bass fishing. However, when using spinning reels, you can easily cast smaller bait and lures.

Swimming jigs combine well with a medium-speed reel, and for gear ratio, choose a medium one.


Using a braided line for swim jigging can be your best bet. A 50-75 pounded braided line combines well with a fast retrieve reel and a heavy casting rod.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how to buy the best swim jig for bass.

Swim Jig Buying Guide

There are a few different factors you need to consider when buying a swim jig:


The size of the swim jig depends on where you will be reeling. For instance, a smaller swim jig with a subtle profile will work better in areas with massive covers.

The best thing to do is to have swim jigs of varying sizes to allow you to fish in different situations. Purchase ¼ ounces, 3/8 ounces, and ½ ounces jigs so you can fish in any place. You can fish in lower and deeper waters and waters with more cover where you need a lighter jig with all these sizes.


Swim jigs come in various color options and can feel overwhelming when trying to pick the right color. Brown colors tend to be suitable for fishing in rocky areas and around woods. Green-colored swim jigs are excellent in locations where bigger bass are feeding on bluegill.

White-colored swim jigs work best in areas where bass are feeding on shad. Dark-colored blue and black swim jigs are excellent when fishing in dirty waters with a lot of vegetation.

Additional Features

Look for additional features such as jigs with a vibrating blade, swinging hook, and weed guard for an efficient catch. However, these features shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Top-Rated Swim Jigs for Bass 2021

With the previous knowledge, you are in a better position to pick the right swim jig for your next bass fishing trip. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite options.

Advantage Bait Swim Jigs

The first spot on our list goes to these swim jigs by Advantage Bait company. Not only do they feature a lifelike design mimicking freshwater baitfish, but they come in different sizes.

These swim jigs come in bluegill, ultimate shiner, and white shad options to allow you to fish bass in different waters. They are available in various sizes, including ½ ounces, ¼ ounces, and ⅜ ounces.

Another notable feature is their hack attack cover that enables them to resist the heaviest of cover. These jigs have a streamlined, painted head that balances well in the water for better swimming action. The jigs also have a free-swinging ultra-sharp hook that increases your success rate.

Overall, these swim jigs are proven to be effective at catching bass, thanks to their realistic design. They will swim through the water similarly to the usual freshwater baitfish, thanks to their skirts, which helps them attract bass with ease.

These swim jigs also feature a weed guard for when you are reeling in grassy areas. Their reasonable price makes them hard to resist for the value they offer.


  • 3-D realistic eyes for lifelike design
  • Made in USA
  • Black nickel fishing hook featuring an ultra point
  • Plenty of color options


  • May feel sticky
  • May not hold shape in water

Reaction Tackle Swim Jigs

Our number two spot goes to the Reaction Tackle Swim Jig. It comes as a set of two swim jigs for one reasonable price.

These swim jigs are available in eight color options and three sizes, thereby giving you opportunities to fish in different target locations.

With 97% pure tungsten construction, these swim jigs have excellent quality, and you can rest assured that they will serve you for a long time.

Also, they are light and 50% smaller than lead, which makes them great for heavily covered waters. Their lightweight design also makes it easier for you to detect subtle bites that you would otherwise not detect.


  • Offer great value for the money
  • Plenty of color options to choose from
  • Highly durable
  • Designed to minimize snags and hang-ups


  • You may have Issues with weed guards.
  • Weed guard may not be long lasting

Strike King Vibrating Jig

If you are looking for a swim jig with a wide selection of features, then the Strike King Vibrating Jig might appeal to you.

Available in twelve color options and six size options, you will be spoilt for choices when fishing for bass.

The jig also features a sharp 4/0 size hook and a lifelike skirt to give it seamless swimming action. In addition, this jig features a blade that creates a vibrating effect in the water to attract bass to your lure.

Overall, this is one of the best swim jigs for bass, with the only major drawback being that they are pretty expensive compared to other swim jigs in its category.


  • Plenty of color options
  • Available in varying sizes
  • Vibrating blade to attract fish to the lure
  • Great swimming action
  • Features a bait keeper


  • Can be pricey for some
  • Skirt may have spots missing

RUNCL Anchor Box Swim Jigs

The RUNCL Anchor Box Swim Jigs may be the one for you if you are looking for a lifelike, balanced jig. With this swim jig, you can choose between four multicolored options, all in ¼ ounces.

The 100 strand skirt swims through water covers to attract any hungry bass, while the weed guards keep your lure from getting stuck in vegetation and weeds.

Another outstanding feature of this swim jig is the fish-shaped narrow head design that makes the lure balance in the water. The fish shape and 3D eyes give this swim jig a lifelike design of a freshwater baitfish, thereby drawing bass attention.

It features a weed guard system that deflects off the cover to allow the swim jig to navigate through heavy vegetation without snagging.

Plus, it has a barbed keeper to hold soft trailers securely in place.


  • Streamlined design for seamless swimming action
  • Lifelike design
  • Features weed guard
  • Have razor-sharp hook


  • Limited size options
  • Weed guards may come off

BOOYAH Boo Jig Bass Fishing Lure

The BOOYAH Bass Jig has made a name in the fishing lure niche thanks to its effectiveness in catching different fish species, majorly bass. Offering a choice of seven incredible color options and three size options, you will find a suitable swim jig for your needs in this option.

The 50 strand skirt allows this lure to swim through the water cover to attract hungry bass, while the weed guard keeps the bait from getting stuck in between vegetation.

What’s more? The lure also features two magnet rattles to attract fish attention.

Overall, this is an excellent lure for bass, and since it comes from a famous brand, BOOYAH, you can rest assured that it has been tested and proven to be effective in catching different fish species, including bass.


  • Seven color options and three sizes
  • Magnetic rattles help to attract fish to the bait
  • 50 strand skirt to mimic freshwater baitfish


  • May struggle in areas with heavy covers
  • Skirt/trailer may slide down

Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jig

The last swim jig on our list is another product from Strike King – The Tour Grade Swim Jig. Strike King gives you five color options and three size options to choose from for this swim jig, which means you will have plenty of choices.

The jig has a streamlined, painted head with an outstanding balance for seamless swimming action. It features a swinging black nickel needlepoint hook to secure your soft trailers. The head is also coordinated with a perfect skirt and includes a medium-sized wire hook.

This swim jig has a hack attack cover that allows you to fish in and around waters with heavy bodies. Its heavy weed guard helps the lure navigate through heavy covers, making it perfect for fishing in areas with vegetation.


  • Lifelike design
  • Great for heavy weed cover
  • Includes a free-swinging black nickle point hook
  • Balanced head provides better swimming action


  • May need to scar the hook eye due to slippery paint
  • Some items may be shipped damaged


If you want to start off the season with the best swim jigs to heighten your chances of catching the biggest bass out there, these swim jigs are a must-have. By determining where you’re looking to fish and what gear you want to pair your swim jig with, you’ll be reeling them in in no time.